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Store Hours: Monday thru Friday 7am -5pm, Sat 7am- 3pm, Closed Sundays
email us at: feednfarm@gmail.com or call 508-543-3613

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Are you looking for feed products for your livestock ?
Do you need alternative feed products at a price that you can afford? Have you been searching for a farm supply store that specializes in quality equipment? Could you use the expertise of a qualified team of farm feed and supply professionals?

Located in Foxboro MA, Ferestiens sells

      Animal Feeds – Farm Equipment And Supplies – Farm supplies – Farm Supplies Wholesalers – Feed & Farm Supply – Garden equipment – Pet Foods & Supplies

Bird Feeders, Bird Seed and Suet 

Wood Pellets

Construction Hay, Silt Fencing & Wattles

At Ferestien Feed & Farm Supply Incorporated, we have years of experience assisting customer with quality farm feed and supply products. We are proud to call Foxborough, MA our home, and we gladly lend our services to farmers in the surrounding community.

2 Responses to About Ferestien Feed

  1. Melanie Fernandes says:

    I am looking for a LARGE litter pan for a rabbit. I’m hoping for something at least 18″x11″, but only 4″ tall at most. Do you have something like that?

  2. Dianna says:

    At our house, we use a large aluminum foil roasting pan (we get 3 for $1 at the dollar store), and we duck tape them inside the tray that pulls out from under our bunny’s cage. He only ‘bathrooms’ on one side, and that’s where it’s kept…. he sleeps and eats on the other side of his cage.

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